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Fresh + natural = smoothie!

With the good weather, smoothies are back. Rediscover the smoothness, freshness and authenticity of the smoothie.

The smoothie is THE ultimate summer drink. Fruity, fresh, sweet, creamy and full of energy, it continues to invade bars and restaurants. This is what you need to know.

Origin: California
The smoothie was born in the Sixties on the West Coast of the United States. Initially it was simply blended fruit, with added water, served in large glasses. The recipe became more sophisticated with the addition of fruit, milk or ice-cream. Specialized chains were developed and brands created. The trend spread to Europe, via England, in the early 2000s, in the wake of the health food trend. The smoothie is now drunk on all occasions: at breakfast, as a refreshing cocktail, with alcohol or without.

Composition: natural ingredients only
This return to healthy, natural ingredients continues to contribute to the success of this fruit drink. The real smoothie recipe therefore includes fruit (mainly banana for a rich texture), a little milk to soften the taste, crushed ice to cool and, optional, some aromatic herbs or green tea to enhance the taste. All mixed in a blender. The fruit should of course be peeled, seeds and stones removed and be of impeccable quality. That is why several professionals, bartenders and chefs use Les vergers Boiron fruit purees. They have the same flavor qualities as fresh, ripe-picked fruit. In short: time saved, practical (easy to unmold, portion and pour out) and controlled costs with products available all year round (ideal for obtaining strawberries or peaches out of season) which have the added advantage of not plugging up straws!

Assets: freshness, vitamins and...they’re practical.
More refreshing than a fruit juice, lighter than a milk shake, the smoothie refreshes and provides a good dose of energy. The fresh fruit provide vitamins, minerals, trace elements and fiber. It is low-calorie unless of course ice-cream or honey is added, as is quite popular in the United States. Another advantage, the smoothie is very simple to do, especially with ready to use products like Les vergers Boiron. The only rules: do not mix more than 5 kinds of fruit to distinguish and appreciate all the flavors and combine textured fruit like banana, for example, with juicy fruit to maintain an overall balance. The smoothie can also be used to make cocktails with rum or vodka.

The latest trend: the vegetable smoothie
This is the latest craze in California. Movie stars swear by their "green smoothie." An adaptation of the original smoothie, with 50% green vegetables: lamb's lettuce, spinach, celery but also other varieties such as tomatoes, carrots or avocados. Everything is blended with a little water and fruit (kiwi, banana) to soften the taste. The result is a cool drink (just add crushed ice in the blender) which is even more dietetic than a traditional fruit smoothie, very rich in vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll.


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