/ News / Les vergers Boiron facilitate the fine art of sorbets and ice creams with an innovative recipe support tool

Les vergers Boiron facilitate the fine art of sorbets and ice creams with an innovative recipe support tool

As summer comes and the desire to eat ice cream arises, confectioners and ice cream makers who are seeking even more original and authentic recipes are working in creating sorbets and ice creams for 2018. Gourmet flavors, creamy textures, bold combinations in touch with the latest trends... Professionals usually test several preparations before they find the perfect balance that will delight their customers’ taste buds. In order to facilitate the creation process, Les vergers Boiron enhance their support solution for creating sorbet recipes, launched in 2017, by integrating the creation of recipes of alcohol sorbets, fruit ice creams and fruit and chocolate ice creams.


For an accurately designed sorbet

Creating, dosing and balancing, while controlling costs, is a difficult art for professionals striving for something new and efficient. Committed in supporting confectioners and ice cream makers in their creations, Les vergers Boiron, global leader in frozen fruit purees, provide them with a simple, intuitive and comprehensive digital solution that will help them find the right balance in their recipes. Freely available online on Les vergers Boiron website, this solution allows calculating to the gram the weight of all ingredients required for a recipe, depending on the desired quantity of ice cream or sorbet and brix.


A comprehensive and easy-to-use tool

Designed in collaboration with Jean-Christophe DUC, Pastry Chef Les vergers Boiron, European Master Pastry Chef and Compagnon du Tour de France, this tool keeps the chefs from performing multiple calculations that are essential in order to find the perfect balance in their recipes. They just have to enter the desired quantity of ice cream or sorbet, select among the 55 flavors of Les Vergers Boiron purees and specify some settings such as the content of fruit puree or sugar. The final recipe, which contains the ingredients list and method, is then automatically generated by the tool and available in PDF format.
The technical part is thus lessened, allowing chefs to focus on creativity, to unleash their talent and give free rein to their imagination.


This very comprehensive online service also gives information about the nutritional value and the cost price of all recipes. This platform available for professionals is hence a real breakthrough innovation. It is time-saving and user-friendly. Together with the excellent raw material used in the fruit purees made by the Drôme brand, this is a sign that this will be a summer of perfect homemade ice creams and sorbets. Desserts for customers who are increasingly aware of their diet and are homemade enthusiasts.

Little extra: to make it even easier, this tool also gives information to ice cream makers about the freezing temperature (AFP) and the sweetening power (SP) of each recipe.

This solution is available for free in French, English, Spanish and German here.