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Les vergers Boiron launches another phase of work on the production plant.

Objective: support business growth and employee well-being

As a global leader in frozen fruit and vegetable purees and coulis for over 40 years, we have started new work to expand the site of Valence (Drôme).
This two-stage work will last from March 2018 to 2019 for a global amount of €2.5 million.

Building new living and working spaces
Based at the very centre of Drôme on a 6-hectare site which includes the headquarters and the production facility, we continue to expand with a two-phase work starting early March.

Firstly, restructuring the existing premises should improve heat and sound insulation, providing better comfort for the 140 employees working on the site.
The 2nd phase of work will aim at supporting business and employee growth by building new living and working spaces that cover a surface area of more than 1,000 m². Extending the administrative area located south of the site reflects our will to adapt to changing working methods, which are more suited for collaborative spaces. Video conferencing rooms are also planned for the correct structuring of the company’s international organisation.
In accordance with our commitments in terms of quality of work life, all these working spaces will be provided daylight. Moreover, the company is enhanced with the addition of new convivial places, which include a gym and a table football area.

A logical continuation of the plant’s expansion
The first expansion project was completed in 2017, adding a surface area of approximately 4,000 m² to the industrial site of Châteauneuf-sur-Isère. This €15 million investment has increased our production capacity in order to meet market needs, especially in the export market which generates 80% of our turnover.

March 2018